One of the areas where our team shines is helping sellers who were unsuccessful in selling their houses through other real estate companies or perhaps by themselves. There are typically 3 reasons a houses do not sell:

  1. Price – It’s no secret that when the market is balanced, an overpriced house will help the other comparable – but lower priced – houses sell faster.
  2. Condition – If your house has a deficiency that the other comparable homes don’t have, this is another reason why your home may be overlooked in the market.
  3. Poor Marketing – This is where my team and I excel! Personally, I bring a 20-year marketing background to every one of my listings. On top of that our team, broker, and network employ the “best of the best” in marketing which includes our vast agent network, our nationwide referral network, and a host of offline and digital marketing tactics including video marketing and social media.

In the end, Marketing is a HUGE part of getting people to notice your home. The more people notice your home, the more it creates an opportunity for more offers, and the more offers we can generate, the faster we can sell your home for top dollar.

If you have been let down by another agent, give me a call at 480-818-4315 or email me at and ask me about our Second Chance Listings program.