This is a question that is often asked by home sellers. In this video, I address some common home inspection topics such as why a seller would want to have a home inspection, as well as the downsides of doing the inspection before putting it on the market.

Advantages of having a home inspection prior to selling the home:

  • You will actually know the condition of the house. This is really important if you have not lived in the house, so you are not caught off guard by any items that come up with the buyer’s home inspection.
  • It allows you to be upfront with the condition and price the house accordingly.
  • You will limit potential “surprises” such as finding out that the home needs an expensive repair.
  • It can be used to market the house by showing that it is in great condition based on a third party

What are the pitfalls of doing a home inspection prior to selling?

First, you will have to pay for it, whereas the buyer typically pays for their own home inspection.  Additionally, if any deficiencies or defects are discovered, you will need to disclose them and/or repair them.

Got home inspection questions? I’ve got answers (and I know some really good home inspectors too!) Feel free to reach out with any questions.


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